Mr. Kinney walks in the shadows...

Mr. Kinney is an enigmatic wanderer of the multiverse. After a near-fatal shooting as a young executive at an evil corporation, Mr. Kinney threw off his corporate yoke and began to trip through different dimensions of reality…always in the shadows…always moving silently within a crowd…everywhere and nowhere at once. Helping the defenseless and those abused by unknown hero who requires no thanks. Can YOU find Mr. Kinney?

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A sci-fi adventure NFT series…

Mr. Kinney NFTs is a narrative-driven fine art/collectable NFT project produced by artist and actor, Kevin Page.

There will ONLY be 420 official Mr. Kinney NFTs minted. Once they are gone, you will have to trade to join the adventure.

Mr. Kinney NFTs are unique, even in the NFT collectables space, for their eccentric combination of character-based artwork, custom audio tracks included with every token, and a science fiction narrative that will unfold over the project’s lifetime.

Mr. Kinney NFTs are original works of art based on actual photography of the artist, which is then enhanced and manipulated to make each and every Mr. Kinney a totally unique artistic expression. All background, foreground images, and other attributes have been catalogued to our proprietary in-house algorithm to generate a unique “rarity score” for each piece in the collection. Rarity scores will be published when all 420 NFTs have been minted and distributed. For more on the specific value-building structure and collectors’ perks, please see our roadmap HERE.

Select Mr. Kinney NFTs Available Friday, October 1st: