To say that Mr. Kinney is an enigma, is an understatement of unparalleled dumbfoolery.

The man is made of chrome. Yes! I said: CHROME….

How does he breathe? How does he eat? How is he even alive…?

Some say that Mr. Kinney came from humble roots, educating himself at public schools, and finally rising to the position of Junior Executive at a mega-corporate giant. The history is unclear, but evidence points to a serious industrial accident. The story goes that the man we now know only as “Mr. Kinney,” was badly maimed in the incident and spent years rotating between surgeries and recovery. Subject to highly experimental medical and cybernetic alterations, Mr. Kinney was no longer recognizable to himself or anyone he had loved in his now lost life.

And so, Mr. Kinney became a loner and outcast from society for many long years. Very little is known about this portion of his history. Why does he help those in need? Why does he thwart injustice by violent means; his physical body never seen, but the effects of his passing leaving an unmistakable scar?

I’ll say it again: how is he even alive?

It turns out, there is a record of Mr. Kinney’s exploits after all. My team has recently come into possession of certain documents that purport to detail, in explicit terms, the multi-dimensional travels of a lost wanderer. How did we come to possess such information? I am not at liberty to disclose my sources. However, very soon, for the first time ever, we will be revealing the entire story of Mr. Kinney and his many adventures.

As part of the Mr. Kinney NFT science fiction art project, we will be releasing a serialized novella in audio form, read by the artist/author (Kevin Page), as an exclusive NFT release in multiple parts.

You do not have to follow the story of Mr. Kinney or his dark adventures to enjoy collecting and trading the Mr. Kinney NFT tokens.  However, for those who do enjoy an immersive sci-fi experience (along with their NFT exploits), the “Mr. Kinney’s Archives” represent a truly unique NFT value proposition in the market today.

Please see our Roadmap page for complete details and current announcements about the project.