Mr. Kinney NFTs
Mr. Kinney NFTs are highly collectable.

Mr. Kinney NFTs is a science fiction NFT art project developed and created by artist/actor Kevin Page (who, coincidentally, played a character called “Mr. Kinney” in the 1987 classic film RoboCop).

This NFT project is not affiliated with the film RoboCop.

The project is designed as a hybrid between traditional “generative” art projects managed by computer algorithms alone and fine art 1/1 projects that are crafted to the creative specifications of an individual artist. Mr. Kinney NFTs are held to a high artistic standard while offering a series of value-add triggers (based on milestones) that add utility and support for the project.

Below are just some of the perks and value-added opportunities for Mr. Kinney collectors.

Additional details and collector perks will be released on an ongoing basis.

Collector Airdrops

We plan airdrops of randomized pieces to existing holders of Mr. Kinney tokens during and after the sales process. These airdrops will have various triggers (including selling the first 100 tokens, 200 tokens, etc.) and will be announced at appropriate times once the public drops begin.

Rarity Numbers

Mr. Kinney NFTs are meticulously crafted by hand and their attributes catalogued in our in-house, proprietary algorithm that helps us build our comprehensive rarity-scale. Once all pieces have been ranked, the 336 Mr. Kinney NFTs that go to public sale will be randomized so that each purchaser of a Mr. Kinney NFT has an equal chance to pick up a rarity bargain.

We will release the rarity numbers after all public sales are complete.

Important dates

Friday 10/01/2021–2:00pm PST/5pm EST

Next public drop of Mr. Kinney tokens at the .02 $ETH price. 20 brand new tokens will be offered. You can preview what is dropping on the official Mr. Kinney NFTs OpenSea Collection here:


Mr. Kinney: The Chrome Man, companion audiobook-on-NFT drops first instalment to existing holders of Mr. Kinneys Tokens. Future instalments of these unique (and tradable) tokens will be released exclusively to collectors.